Hütten Hills

The location ( 54° 25´2´´N, 9°41´29´´E ) The Aschberg is a nearly 98-meter-high elevation in the Hütten Hills Nature Park. Harmoniously integrated into the idyllic landscape, the Globetrotter Academy offers foresight, rest and relaxation, as well as intense experiences with nature.

The location of the Globetrotter Lodge makes it attractive for visitors from all over Germany and neighboring countries. The connection to Hamburg and its airport provides perfect accessibility.

The Aschberg is located in Schleswig Holstein near the A7. In addition to the romantic hills around the Aschberg, numerous forests, lakes, the Schlei, and the Baltic and North Sea are easily accessible in a short time. Here you can hike, bike, paddle and cruise on the Baltic Sea. You can find several walking routes on the Aschberg which connect the 5 natural parks in Schleswig-Holstein.

Impressions of the Hütten Hills:

Nature in Schleswig-Holstein:

The Nature Park is located in the city triangle Eckernförde – Rendsburg – Schleswig. The unique moraine landscape with its for this region typical hedge-banks was shaped by the ice age and is a gem for locals and tourists.

The Hütten Hills are framed by the Kiel Canal, the Sorgwohlder inland dunes where the Ox Trail is located, the Schlei region, and the Baltic Sea, near the idyllic small town of Eckernförde. Many lakes, forests, moors and “the mountains” offer opportunities for hiking, cycling, climbing, paddling and enjoyment. The Globetrotter Lodge would love to assist you in planning your activities. We look forward to seeing you!