The Globetrotter Lodge

Welcome to Nature

At the Globetrotter Lodge, located in the Aschberg region of Northern Germany, you can enjoy modern comfort in a natural environment. Each sunlit room features a unique and picturesque view of the beautiful landscape of the Hüttener Mountains.

You can experience a panoramic view of the rolling, forested hills surrounding the lodge and far beyond to the Schwansen Peninsula. Far from the urban bustle, you will feel welcomed by the quiet and relaxing atmosphere of this delightful place. Please also note our attractive offers and events.

Impressions from the Globetrotter Lodge

The Globetrotter Lodge – A Natural Haven

Our observation tower is one of the highest walkable locations of Schleswig-Holstein. From the top of the tower, the view stretches as far as the eye can see over forests and lakes, all the way to the Baltic Sea and Schrei. At the Globetrotter Lodge, you will feel relieved from the stress of the city as soon as you arrive. You will feel rejuvenated by chirping birds, the trees swaying gently in the wind and the organic smell of the forest. The rhythm of nature.

Take a deep breath and feel the awesome power of nature, mellow hills and green forests. Here at the Globetrotter Lodge, life has its own clock. Mind and body swing in a natural rhythm – the balance between peace and energy.