Nordisk Glamping

Nordisk Glamping in the Hütten Hills Nature Park. Enjoy a stylish camping experience with your family on the Aschberg. Our Nordisk Glamping tents are stylishly furnished and the proximity to our Restaurant Campfire allows you to relish in a relaxing experience surrounded by nature while also enjoying delicious cuisine.

Nordisk-Glamping with a great outlook from the Hütten Hills. The camp is always be set up from May 1st to December 4th.

This is the right choice for anyone who wants to experience nature and comfort at the same time. The comfortable tents fit more than 30 people. Our tents are the ideal destinations for a family trip to the Nature Park Hüttener Berge or a cozy evening with friends.

Impressions of Nordisk Glamping at the Globetrotter Lodge:

Night including breakfast:

  • Restaurant Campfire: € 27,80
  • Night without breakfast: € 15,00
  • Children under 12 years including breakfast: € 15,00
  • Children under 12 years without breakfast: € 7,00 

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