Attractions and Destinations

Candy Factory in Eckernförde

The Eckernförder candy factory is housed in a historic building of a former smokehouse. With a colorful history dating back to 1830 this small candy factory with open kitchen and adjoining specialties store was built in a 2-year reconstruction. The candy factory is well known as an attraction far beyond the city borders. Children and adults appreciate and enjoy the variety of sweets availabe there. You can experience traditional handcraft and also taste it right away. Don’t miss out on Hermann Hinrich’s candy factory and its delicious treats.

Gottorf Castle

Gottorf Castle in Schleswig is a treasury of north german archaeology.
For more than 175 years Gottorf Castle functioned as an historic archive. The castle is now owned by a foundation of the State of Schleswig-Holstein and houses the State Art and Cultural History Museum and the State Archeological Museum. In 2013 the state museum celebrated the discovery, preservation and exploration of the Nydam boat. The castle which is located on a small island, in the western foothills of the Schlei used to belong to the ancient dukes of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorf. It provides 25.000 square meters of unique collections of art and cultural history.In addition to the exhibition you can find a Baroque garden with seven terraces ,which was already known for its diversity of plants in the 17th century. The well-known, accessible and original replica globe of Gottorf offers visitors a journey into the rotating celestial sphere.

Haithabu Viking Museum

The Haithabu Viking Museum was opened first 1985 in Busdorf, Schleswig. Today it is part of the Foundation Schleswig-Holstein regional museums. The museum is dedicated to the archeology and history of the village Haithabu. Hardly a place in Europe presents the Viking culture this modern and versatile as the Haithabu Viking Museum in Schleswig.


The North may occur rough to some people, but it has its own charm. Barley any exhibition delivers such an unique atmosphere like this ancient iron founrdy of Carlshütte, the first industrial company of the dukes of Schleswig and Holstein. Founded in 1827 and decommissioned in 1997, the Carlshütte based in Büdelsdorf  is an impressive industrial monument. With its vast bays, the restored “ACO Wagenremise” and the spacious park slots the Carlshütte provides a special setting for cultural events of all kinds.
Nordart in the Carlshütte Büdelsdorf.

Baltic Information Centre Eckernförde

Directly on the sea where beach and harborside meet is the Baltic Information Center, which opened its doors in May of 2008. It features a 3×4-meter sensing pool where you can meet starfishes, crabs and flatfishes in person. It provides several aquariums, simulated boat trips and many activities in and around the water to fascinate large and small visitors of the world of the “Baltic Ocean”.

Squirrel Guard Station

In the Squirrel Guard Station in Eckernförde, injured and young squirrels are nursed until they can be let free again. In addition, about 10 “permanent guests” which can not be released to nature due to physical limitations live in an outdoor enclosure. They look forward for your visit!

Zoo Gettorf

See exotic wildlife from around the world in the middle of Schleswig-Holstein. Free flight halls and walk-in cages will enable direct contact with our four-legged and winged inhabitants. Tropical halls and walk vivariums make a visit even in bad weather to a great experience.

Zoo Arche Warder

Between Warder- and Brahmsee in the middle of Schleswig-Holstein is Europe’s biggest center for rare and endangered domestic / livestock animals. It houses 1,200 animals from over 80 different races in an area of 40 hectares. The Arche Warder is the second recognized Zoo in Schleswig-Holstein. 
Visiting the Arche Warder is an exciting experience for young and old. The spacious animal enclosures offer the animals sufficient freedom of movement. As a visitor you can gain exciting insights into the coexistence of different animal species and get in contact with the animals. The Arche Warder can be explored on different tours – from a short visit to the long hike.