There are endless activities around the Hütten Hills, the Schlei and the Baltic Sea. Find our recommendations for outdoor activities here.

Activities at the Globetrotter Lodge:

  • Hiking in the Hütten Hills Nature Park
  • Biking–bikes can be rented directly at the Globetrotter Lodge
  • Archery
  • Climbing on the over 18-meter climbing wall on the tower
  • Paddling on the Bistensee

Globetrotter Academy/ Event Nature

Sundsacker at the Schlei is the location for our youth program, EVENT NATURE, and is located at the ferry stop after Arnis. The large property invites you to many exciting activities on the water. As a beginner, you can learn various water sports on the Schlei with ease. It is also great fun for advanced sportsmen. Whether kutter sailing, canoeing, kayaking or running in aqua boots over the Schlei.

The Schlei and its waves (from the German word “Welle”) inspired the name of our beer garden “Sccleifelle”. The beer garten provides a great view on the Schlei and the city Arnis. Enjoy this unique view at the water with a coffee and homemade cake or our well known and recommended “Schleiburger”.

Ocean Water Wave Pool Eckernförde

The ocean water wave pool is Eckernförde’s largest recreational facility.  It is located directly on Eckernförde’s beautiful Baltic Sea beach. You can look at the ocean from the hot tub or the children’s pool. For the children there is a 75 m long water slide. 

There is always something to see in Eckernförde.

Donkey Trek through the Hütten Hills

Day Tour from Jerusalem to Tirol

The day tour goes from Jerusalem over the Immenberg, to Scheelsberg, then to Heidberg past the Schoothorster Tal, and then back to Jerusalem.

We walk a tour with donkeys around the Brekendorfer Forest. On our way we make several breaks so the donkeys and humans can rest.

  • For a group of two to six people, one day costs  180 
  • Start: Hof Jerusalem, 24811 Owschlag (Brekendorfer Forest)
  • Rates for bigger groups on request
  • Equipment: Good and safe shoes, weather appropriate clothing
  • Children are allowed to participate from the age of 12
  • When? Arrangements by phone: Sabine Rathmann | 0 43 53 99 87 866 |

We look forward to walking with you!

–Sabine Rathmann and the donkeys.

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